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A August 31, I told the whole story of what happens in our summer vacation. Well the other night, I decided it was time to tell my wife that I 'm fucked Paula pool, while my wife was in the market. We were at home watching TV in our usual position on the couch - playing with your head on my lap, the hand of my shorts with my dick with his hand on the back of your pajama pants fingers gently ass - and I said, ' you know, if you have sex with Paula holiday Well, I did '. wanted do not respond at first, but after a few seconds, she grabbed me stronger and said, 'What happened '. Paula had told him how stupid and that she had asked me to put my cock, she could have a good run and as he sucked me. My wife grip on my cock rapidly hardening always near and started to drift, so that my fingers were in her pussy. She was very wet. quickly pulled out my penis and started licking, kissing and sucking them. ' She did ?' She asked me, and told him that Paula was not as good as her. So they stopped and stood up. I thought I had burned. Picked up the phone and dialed. ' Hi, Paula , 'he said. ' Shit ', I thought! ' I heard what happened on vacation and reconstruction were not so good at giving head, like me, what do you say to that? 'After a short pause, said:' Ok see you soon 'and hung up. My cock was dry and I felt very nervous. ' She is coming, 'my wife said, ' and we will see who is the best. 'She took my penis in her hand again and started rubbing. ' You are my husband is in the process of participating in a vacuum - it v - let's see who is the best, ' For the next half hour we were sitting shegods on the couch while my wife plays with her own pussy to tease me and microphones shegods was adamant. Paula came and when she entered the room, went straight to my wife and passionately kissed me even more difficult. took out two and walkedfor me. Paula took my cock shegods in hand and placed it over her mouth and started kissing gently gland. His mouth was warm and Snog with my wife for her and she was very, very good. My wife was sitting on the floor, legs and fingers shegods themselves. 'They enjoy it and when we have finished with you, Paula and I go to bed to sleep in the room -. ! Left alone with only his imagination to keep you company,' he said. Soon Paula sucked cock shegods hard. Taking me deep, sucking and drawing from his mouth the entire length fall before my cock from her mouth with a loud explosion. ' My Turn' said my wife, and she replaces Paula. Take my cock an ITS- based and only the head in his mouth and shegods sucked hard. ' Ah, fuck, the best thing ever,' he gasped. Then Paula came back, my wife copying actions. This lasted a few minutes before I announced I said about my weight and I wanted to bring my wife Paula, who was the shock. Paula put her mouth on my shegods end the command, Licked the bottom of my glands, like shegods last time, and complained loudly as sperm shot by me in the mouth. ' Do not you dare to swallow that!' I called my wife and as soon as Paula glad that I did everything that falls from the mouth. My cock was soon replaced with the language of my wife and kissed another hard with my cum into her mouth. I swear it was one of the most sexy, erotic things I've ever seen. Small dribbles of milk started coming out of her mouth as she swallowed both then they kiss continued. My cock was already hard again - I'm not really sure it's always smooth - my wife was kneeling on the floor and grabbed me tightly until it carried out its threat and sent me into the room of guests, while Paula and went to bed. I have not slept, but avoided the temptation to leave the room because it was very exciting, just imagine what they were doing. No doubt they will tell me soon, but I hope it will wait until you have recovered from theI straw that night!
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